3D model of statue of Herman B Wells

What is IU3D?

IU3D is the Initiative to Unify the Digitization, Display, and Distribution of Indiana University’s three-dimensional assets. IU3D brings together expertise and resources for 3D digitization and display with the goal of supporting innovative research, education, and outreach projects across the University. We share best practices and learned experiences to help expand the use and impact of 3D technologies at IU and beyond. Our motto is: “Scan your world. Share your world.

IU3D is a unit of the Research Technologies (RT) division of University Information Technology Services (UITS). It draws upon services and expertise from other RT and UITS units, especially the innovative display and advanced imaging techniques of the Advanced Visualization Lab, and the novel photogrammetry and exhibit techniques pioneered by the CyberDH team.

What services does IU3D provide?

Our team provides three major areas of expertise and support:

What are the benefits of scanning and sharing?

While the applications and benefits of 3D scanning (digitization) and sharing (distribution and display) are as diverse as the areas of study at IU, it is helpful to consider the following broad categories:

How do I work with IU3D?

To schedule a consultation, please contact IU3D.